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Rubricating Works CC was founded by Tracey Butchart in 2002 to develop and sell the uniquely South African educational product, Rubricate. Through her many consultancy projects, Tracey has developed further educational tools and products which are used throughout South Africa.




Rubricate PLUS ...
is an essential resource mentoring South African teachers through the design, implementation, analysis and use of formative assessment.

Rubricate PLUS ...
is completely aligned with CAPS and DBE workbooks for each subject from Grade R to Grade 12.

Rubricate PLUS ...
produces a unique Diagnostic Matrix tool to analyse achievement across conceptual threads in order to direct teaching and optimise learning.

Rubricate PLUS ...
facilitates and promotes self-reflection and metacognitive evaluation of teaching and learning.











































Tracey Butchart                        

• taught high school Maths and Science for 20 years

• marked Grade 12 national exams in Physics and Chemistry

• set Grade 9 national CATs for Natural Sciences for the DBE and IEB

• has written teaching and learning materials for the Ethiopian Ministry of Education, Wits University’s Initiative in Science Education among others

• created and developed a professional development software tool for teachers called Rubricate PLUS

• trained teachers (from Foundation Phase at school to Tertiary lecturers at universities) for the past 13 years

• works as an independent consultant to design, implement, manage, monitor and evaluate teaching and learning interventions for NGOs and NPCs working in rural South African communities

• is currently writing up a three year intervention as a research project in pursuit of a PhD in Maths Education through Wits University

Special areas of interest are:

• embedded formative assessment as learning for evidence-based teaching and metacognitive activation

• teaching and learning through conceptual threads with learning trajectories to improve Maths and Science

• translating current ideas in educational research into practical applications and tools for South African classroom practice

Rubricate has been conceived and developed over a period of 17 years by Tracey Butchart  working with teams of educational experts, subject- and phase-specialists to write the detailed Rubricate databases. Many of these specialists were in the employ of the National and Provincial Education Departments at the time and some were contributors to the National Curriculum Statement policy documents.

The inspiration for Rubricate was the research published by Professors Paul Black and Dylan William in 1998 in the UK. Tracey Butchart wanted to fast-track the usual lag of 15 years that it takes for educational research to translate into classroom practice. Rubricate enabled teachers to embed formative assessment in their teaching and learning activities. 

Reflective Learning addresses 14 essential conceptual threads that are developed through primary school and junior high school and which underpin the curriculum topics in Mathematics and Physical Sciences in the FET band.

Reflective Learning uses diagnostic, embedded assessment to drive adaptive instructional design. Each thread begins with a content-free, grade-independent, diagnostic test. Tests benchmark learner achievement at Grade 3, Grade 6 and Grade 9 levels for personalised intervention and impact. Each conceptual thread is mastered through a phase-progressive, plotted teaching and learning trajectory.

Reflective Learning:

  • enables the teaching and learning of BIG IDEAS for greater understanding;
  • uses learning trajectories to develop deep understanding along conceptual threads;
  • provides scaffolding and support for each learner to construct meaningful knowledge;
  • uses formative assessment to build metacognition and empower learners in their own learning process;
  • reconstructs, reconnects, underpins, bridges, repairs, strengthens, refines and enhances knowledge and understanding.

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