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Rubricate PLUS ...
is an essential resource mentoring South African teachers through the design, implementation, analysis and use of formative assessment.

Rubricate PLUS ...
is completely aligned with CAPS and DBE workbooks for each subject from Grade R to Grade 12.

Rubricate PLUS ...
produces a unique Diagnostic Matrix tool to analyse achievement across conceptual threads in order to direct teaching and optimise learning.

Rubricate PLUS ...
facilitates and promotes self-reflection and metacognitive evaluation of teaching and learning.






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What can Rubricate PLUS do for you?      


"Assessment is the bridge between teaching and learning."
Professor Dylan Wiliam, Institute of Education, University of London: 2011

Rubricate PLUS harnesses the power of assessment

Just because we teach it, doesn't mean that they learn it!



Rubricate PLUS

Rubricate PLUS

Rubricate PLUS

...  computer software to guide a teacher through the required decision-making in the planning and design of their assessment strategy - to produce:

...  computer software to assist a teacher to create and evaluate unique and customised Assessment Tools for any grade and subject - such as:

...  computer software to provide support to the busy teacher - organising and analysing learner achievements to generate:

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