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Rubricate PLUS Senior 


Rubricate PLUS...
is an essential resource mentoring South African teachers through the design, implementation, analysis and use of formative assessment.

Rubricate PLUS ...
is completely aligned with CAPS and DBE workbooks for each subject from Grade R to Grade 12.

Rubricate PLUS ...
produces a unique Diagnostic Matrix tool to analyse achievement across conceptual threads in order to direct teaching and optimise learning.

Rubricate PLUS ...
facilitates and promotes self-reflection and metacognitive evaluation of teaching and learning.  


... is a suite of uniquely South African computer
software programmes which integrate with each
other - enabling teachers to plan, design,implement,
analyse and use innovative assessment strategies
strengthen their classroom practise;

... uses innovative tips, techniques and tools
to ensure that accessment is embedded in learning
and results in evidence-based teaching;

... provides guidance and structure for planning
formative assessment strategies and integrating
these with dynamic teaching and learning
in the classroom;

... defines what to teach and when to teach it
in each subject for Grades R to 7;

... creates assessment tools like checklists,
rating scales, performance lists, anecdotal records

and rubrics to reliably assess valuable knowledge
and concepts; important skills and positive attitudes
and values in a wide range of classroom activites;

... promotes reflection on teaching practice and
self-improvement by providing evaluation forms for
created assessment tools and practices, to
further professional growth and development;

... produces Teacher Assessment Task Plans,
correlated Learner Task Guides and Assessment
Tools for a Work File that can be exported to
MS Word and MS Excel to share with colleagues;

... produces Assessment Records from compiled
and/or converted learners' achievements to track
learners' progress and facilitate easy recording
and reporting summatively;

... produces Teaching & Learning Diagnostic Matrix
tools which identify learner's strengths
weaknesses as well as a teacher's successes and
challenges across the CAPS conceptual threads of
each Subject in each Grade

... is completely aligned to the Curriculum Assessment
Policy Statements (CAPS) and the DBE workbooks in
each Grade and Subject;

... provides access to the latest ideas in assessment 
design and analysis for evidence-based teaching and
makes this research accessible for use in the South
African classroom.

Rubricate PLUS Senior


Grades 7 to 12     

all GET Subjects

19 FET Subjects




Rubricate PLUS Senior  

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