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Rubricate PLUS...
is an essential resource mentoring South African teachers through the design, implementation, analysis and use of formative assessment.

Rubricate PLUS ...
is completely aligned with CAPS and DBE workbooks for each subject from Grade R to Grade 12.

Rubricate PLUS ...
produces a unique Diagnostic Matrix tool to analyse achievement across conceptual threads in order to direct teaching and optimise learning.

Rubricate PLUS ...
facilitates and promotes self-reflection and metacognitive evaluation of teaching and learning.






Reflective SCIENCE

The reality of education in South Africa right now is that many learners have not gained the foundation knowledge and understanding needed for success in Physical Sciences in later grades. The declining numbers of learners studying Physical Sciences to Grade 12 (only 31% in 2014) confirms this dire situation.

Reflective Science is a set of diagnostics and skills-based activities designed to teach and learn Physical Science within seven vital conceptual threads bridging across school grades. This course was developed, tried and tested in the classroom over a five year period by an experienced Physical Sciences teaching expert.

Reflective Science addresses vital conceptual threads that are developed through primary school and junior high school and underpin the curriculum topics in Physical Science in the FET band. Each thread is mastered through a phase-progressive, plotted teaching and learning trajectory.

Reflective Science is designed to:

  • promote the relevance and importance of Physical Sciences in everyday life;
  • to ignite an interest in scientific pursuits; and
  • fan the flames of a life-long fascination with learning more about the world through Science.

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