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Rubricate PLUS ...
is an essential resource mentoring South African teachers through the design, implementation, analysis and use of formative assessment.

Rubricate PLUS ...
is completely aligned with CAPS and DBE workbooks for each subject from Grade R to Grade 12.

RubricatePLUS ...
produces a unique Diagnostic Matrix tool to analyse achievement across conceptual threads in order to direct teaching and optimise learning.

Rubricate PLUS ...
facilitates and promotes self-reflection and metacognitive evaluation of teaching and learning.






All Rubricate PLUS training courses are endorsed by the South African Council of Educators (SACE) and each course is accredited with 7 PD points.

  • Rubricate PLUS Design Training
  • Rubricate PLUS Create Training
  • Rubricate PLUS Record Training
  • Assessment For Learning -  Design & Implementation
  • Creating, Developing, Using & Evaluating Rubrics
  • Using Rubricate PLUS Junior in a specific Phase
  • Using Rubricate PLUS Senior in a specific Subject

Rubricating Works provides support and training for educators to make full and optimal use of the Rubricate PLUS software.

Rubricate PLUS Support Material includes Rubricate PLUS User Guides, Rubricate PLUS Training Courses, Curriculum Support, Assessment Support and Technical Support. This is in addition to email and cellphone technical support.

Rubricating Works provides training workshops for teachers and for provincial education department staff who will train their own teachers. Workshops are arranged individually and the duration, venue, number of participants and structure can be customised for the specific need. For information, contact Rubricating Works CC at .

Rubricating Works trainers have presented and facilitated workshops throughout the Western Cape, North-West and Gauteng regions and in Mpumalanga and Limpopo.

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